Nick J. Thorpe gives new meaning to the idea that one should go everywhere and do everything. An inspiring read.
–Lotte Jeffs, Features Editor, ES

52 New Things is a blast, and the adventure many of us dream of having. Ideal for anyone stuck at a desk job and dreaming of breaking a world record or recording a Christmas single, 52 New Things is a tonic.
–Harry Wallop, Writer (Telegraph), Journalist & Author

An inspiring and entertaining book about the small things in life, and how little changes have big impacts. A must for anyone looking to shake things up.
Pip McCormac, Red Magazine

There is an art to informative non-fiction writing, and one that when perfected pays you back on your investment to read ten-fold. 52 New Things by Nick J. Thorpe is arguably the most surprising debut book from an author in years. It presents a common problem faced by those in their late 20s and early 30s. Surely there’s more to life than just work? As it happens Nick’s journey over the course of one year to experience a new thing every week proves that there is. From simple things like going swimming or clubbing to traveling the length of Britain all the way to living on a boat and walking on broken glass. Even the more mundane of the examples brings with it a fantastically composed and slyly written anecdote that will make you laugh, wince and cry along.
There’s a certain something that we can all learn from 52 New Things. Simply put there is more to life than the grind. If someone working a full-time job can achieve all of this and write an exceptional book to boot, we should all be aiming to experience a little more in life. The opening chapter shows the slow and cautious approach by doing something simple like giving up crisps, but with each challenge the ante is upped and by the end there are seemingly huge, sweeping changes to his life. But more than that creates a new philosophy to live by. Shedding ones inhibitions and choosing not to turn on the television and to actually get out there and experience some of the delights the world has to offer. It follows in the great tradition of Bill Bryson and Tony Hawkes and is every bit as hilarious and engaging. Once you start there’s no putting it down as it entertains, confounds and thoroughly inspires. Simply put, this is one of the must-read books of the year.
–Thomas Patrick, Head Critic of www.ThatFilmGuy.net