One man’s journey to conquer the boredom of modern life

By Nick J. Thorpe

Published by Crown House on 11th December 2014 at £9.99


“52 New Things is a blast, and the adventure many of us dream of having. Ideal for anyone stuck at a desk job and dreaming of breaking a world record or recording a Christmas single, 52 New Things is a tonic”

Harry Wallop, Writer (Telegraph), Journalist & Author

“Nick J. Thorpe gives new meaning to the idea that one should go everywhere and do everything. An inspiring read”

Lotte Jeffs, Features Editor, ES

52 New Things - The Book


When was the last time you tried something truly new? For most people a deviation from the norm is a rare (and sometimes scary) prospect, and many of us prefer to seek the comforting embrace of our favourite TV programme, food or jumper. We live in possibly the most connected, most diverse and most exciting period in human history. And yet, despite these remarkable times, people are happier sitting in their pants watching reality TV than they are exploring the world.

For one man, the boredom of this very modern life became too much to bear. And so he set off on a journey to make his life more interesting by trying something new every week for a year, with hilarious, surprising and often life-affirming consequences. He started small by making minor (but important) life changes, but very quickly the project escalated and he soon found himself walking over broken glass, attending African dance classes, getting tattoos, taking Viagra, and even having the infamous Back, Crack and Sack wax.

So if you’ve ever sat in front of the TV or glanced through your Facebook feed and wondered exactly what it would be like to have your portrait painted, or break a world record, or live on a boat, or get a colonic, or even write, record and release a Christmas single, then this is the book for you. Because after reading it you might just want to get out there and try some new things of your own.