About Me

I am a journalist, writer, editor and failed backing dancer for Lady GaGa. And I guess now I’m an author too. By day I’m paid to write clever things about brands around the world, by night I’m usually paid to stop singing loudly along to 90s Indie music.

I’ve done some interesting things, many of which are in the book. Like the time I drove a taxi to Mongolia with two friends, or the other time I spent the day walking alpacas. Or the time my brother and I joined 5,000 people to throw tomatoes at each other all morning in a sleepy Spanish village.

More than anything though, I’m just a normal chap that’s as happy discussing why real ale is always better than lager as I am debating the relative merits of the Oxford Comma.


Nick J. Thorpe
Me when I had a big beard, short hair and penchant for self-indulgent writer photos